About Us

The Social Value Engine was created and developed by a partnership between Rose Regeneration and the East Riding of Yorkshire Council. It is available for demonstration by our team, if you would like more information, please get in touch. 

“SROI is about value, rather than money. Money is simply a common unit and as such is a useful and widely accepted way of conveying value.”

-The SROI Network


  • The Social Value Act is “not understood” across the public sector

    A very interesting article by Jamie Hailstone in New Start Mag about the Social Value Act.

  • Using your results –What the engine can do for you

    Project design – by thinking through the outcomes sought and using the calculator to consider the evidence that the project will need to collect, the engine will test the project’s proposed approach and how it contributes to: the sustainability of a geographical area, the project’s direct benefit to the community, and its benefit to an […]

  • How do you measure Social Value?

    The traditional process of social return on investment follows 6 stages: Identifying the social value delivered by the project and the geographical area they cover. Working with those who have been involved to ensure that the assumptions made are agreed by everyone. Evidencing the outcomes and the value. Taking account of factors that might affect […]