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Explore the Social Value Engine’s esteemed accreditations and collaborative partnerships, underscoring our commitment to enhancing social value assessments with transparency, reliability, and community insight. 

Social Value Accreditations

Accreditations: Social Value International

To measure social value effectively, adherence to the eight principles of Social Value, as outlined by Social Value UK and Social Value International, is essential. The Social Value Engine is meticulously designed, considering each principle, and has earned accreditation from Social Value International, reflecting its commitment to robust and transparent social value assessment.

The SVE is also recognised as a ‘Social Value UK Pioneer’ and ‘Social Value UK Partner’, further demonstrating its dedication to promoting clear, responsible, and reliable social value accounting.


East Riding of Yorkshire Council
Rose Regeneration

The development of the Social Value Engine is a collaborative effort between Rose Regeneration and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, initiated in response to the Public Services (Social Value Act 2012). This act mandates public bodies to contemplate securing broader social, economic, and environmental benefits.

The engine, working in tandem with the Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology and the eight Social Value UK principles, empowers clients with complete control over their social value calculations. The experienced team behind the tool, with a collective experience spanning over 30 years, is dedicated to accurately measuring and recording social value, ensuring the capture of even the so-called intangible benefits.

This commitment extends to every aspect of training and support offered, embedding the theory and best practice of social value throughout.

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