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Social Value Engine sponsors the Social Value Champion of the Year award at the 2023 IED Annual Conference

We are pleased to announce that we are sponsors of the Social Value Champion of the Year award at the IED Annual Conference.

As part of our ongoing dedication to social value and community impact, we are pleased to announce our upcoming involvement in the IED (Institute of Economic Development) Annual Conference on 7th November.

In a significant step, we are sponsoring the Social Value Champion of the Year award, highlighting our commitment to those who make a genuine difference in our communities.


IED and Social Value Engine: A Natural Alignment

Our decision to sponsor this award is deeply entwined with our foundational principles. In a recent interview conducted by the Institute of Economic Development, Rab Campbell, our Growth Director, shared valuable insights: “The nature of economic development is changing rapidly. It’s increasingly important to understand the social impact of projects for the continued wellbeing of society, even though measuring and evidencing this impact can be challenging.”

This perspective is the driving force behind our initiatives at Social Value Engine. Supporting local authorities and VCSE organisations, we aim to simplify these complexities and make the process of understanding social value transparent and accessible for everyone involved.


Anticipation for Shared Insights

With the IED Annual Conference on the horizon, our team is looking forward to engaging with like-minded professionals who share our passion for social value. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas, explore innovative approaches, and celebrate the achievements of those dedicated to enhancing community life.

We’re also excited about the broader dialogue surrounding the conference. For more insights into our thoughts on social value, its evolving role in economic development, and our community-centric vision, we invite you to read our recent conversation ahead of the event.

Read the full interview with the Insitute of Economic Development and Rab Campbell here

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