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Creating meaningful social impact does not have to be expensive. Our platform helps you deliver and measure social value with quality, ethics and cost-effectiveness. You can achieve more for your community while staying within your budget.

Pricing structure

For small organisations (under 20 employees)

£1,250 PA

Individual licence, one year agreement

£1,125 PA

Individual licence, two year agreement

£1,000 PA

Individual licence, three year agreement

We’re delighted to offer small organisations the opportunity to access all the features of the SVE at a reduced cost. We recognise small organisations’ crucial role in the UK’s economic revival, and we’re committed to supporting your journey with an affordable social value solution tailored to your needs.

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For medium and large organisations (over 20 employees)


Single licence

£1,875 pa


Licences (bundle discount)

£7,500 pa (Cost per licence £1,500)


Licences (bundle discount)

£14,000 pa  (Cost per licence £1,400)


Licences (bundle discount)

£18,000 pa (Cost per licence £1,200)


 £800 pa 

Our pricing strategy is designed with collaboration in mind. It caters to significant social investment projects that often need a driving force — a ‘convenor’, such as a Council, an NHS Trust, or a large government department, to bring everyone together.

Our licensing offers:

  • A Collaborative Virtual Community: Create connections within a network of organisations eager to share and learn from the social value generated by their activities. 
  • Customisable Priorities: Integrate your specific priorities into the SVE at no extra cost. This flexibility allows for reporting against the UN Sustainability Goals while tailoring the system to your needs.
  • Flexible License Deployment: Licenses are fully functional and can be shared or transferred among your SME and VCSE partner organisations, ensuring everyone benefits.
  • Limited Functionality for Suppliers: Provide your commercial suppliers with the ability to report on projects you assign, enhancing collaboration without incurring additional costs.
  • Customisable Dashboard (reduced-cost paid feature): Get a tailored dashboard to visualise the overarching impact of your activities. This brings the big picture into focus, making it easier to track progress and outcomes.
  • Free of Charge, Regular Training: We offer ongoing training sessions designed to meet the diverse needs of your team and partners. This ensures everyone makes the most out of our platform.

To see a full list of features and Benefits and Features of the Social Value Engine, please visit this page.

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A 10% reduction is available for a two-year agreement

A 20% reduction is available for a three-year agreement

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