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Features and Benefits

Elevate the social value of your projects. We empower local authorities and VCSE  organisations with a customisable digital platform and expert guidance, enabling you to independently measure and showcase the social value you bring to your community.


Whether you’re navigating the complexities of social value performance indicators or aiming to evidence your Social Return on Investment (SROI) more effectively, our platform equips you with the means to take control, measure your impact, and ultimately, create a better place for the people in your community.


The SVE has a ‘front end’ to allow you to quickly enter the minimum amount of data required to conduct an options appraisal on competing projects. For successful projects the data entered in Agile is carried forward into Extensive.


This is the core of the SVE. It allows you to forecast, measure, and report on your Social Return on Investments (SROI). It is an extensive suite of software that supports the SROI aspects during the full lifecycle of your investment project. It includes ‘deflators’, to ensure you do not overclaim. The functionality provided is re-accredited every two years by Social Value International.


This facility allows the generation of a ‘locked down’ version of your project that has been approved and signed off. At this point you will move the project to ‘evaluation’ to allow you to track its projects over time, monitoring and managing the outcomes you expect to realise for your stakeholders.


This allows you to enter the ‘real life’ data you collect and to compare it with your forecast on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis. It allows narrative entry to explain both variances: both where expected outcomes are not being achieve and where unforeseen benefits, or dis-benefits, are being realised. 


This function allows individual projects to be dynamically combined into programmes. This might be my geography (regional, national, global), by organisation (within your supply chain) or by theme (mental health, employment or disability).  


The Social Value Engine simplifies the process of assessing the impact of projects and Social Return on Investment (SROI), making it easier to turn community goals into measurable outcomes.


The SVE is the only UK Software product accredited by Social Value International (SVI). SVI spans 25 countries, including the UK. This provides confidence that the software has been rigorously validated by an independent authority and it will be kept aligned with emerging good practice.


The SVE provides access to ~350 peer-reviewed financial proxies, regularly updated. Hyperlinks to original research ensure complete transparency and credible resources for social value assessments.


The SVE allows the addition of personal financial proxies, ensuring projects are deeply rooted in local communities by involving stakeholders, enhancing impact and relevance.

Ease of Use

Fully aligned with SVUK’s principles, the SVE guarantees ease of use for accredited consultants, ensuring seamless integration of technology and expertise for advancing social value.

Skilled Resources

The experienced SVE team stands ready to train and support optimal SVE use. Additional support is available from SVUK's 60 certified consultants across the UK.

Ease of Reporting

SVE's flexibility in using two globally recognized frameworks, the UN’s 17 Sustainability Goals and the Bristol Accord, ensures easy alignment with various reporting frameworks.


To measure social value, the eight principles of Social Value as set out by Social Value UK and Social Value International need to be heeded. The Social Value Engine has been designed to take each principle into consideration and has been accredited by Social Value International. Download our accreditation certificate. Social Value Engine is also proud to be a ‘Social Value UK Pioneer’ and ‘Social Value UK Partner’, reflecting our commitment to promoting transparent, responsible and reliable social value accounting.

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