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Explore the driving force behind the Social Value Engine, an inventive collaboration between Rose Regeneration and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

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Our Story So Far

The Social Value Engine was jointly developed and is co-owned by Rose Regeneration and East Riding of Yorkshire Council in response to the Public Services (Social Value Act 2012), which requires public bodies to think about how they can secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits.

The engine works alongside and has incorporated Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology and the eight Social Value International principles.

Local authorities and VCSE organisations are at the heart of community development. Understanding the social value of projects is crucial to the continued wellbeing of society, but it can be challenging to measure and evidence it. The Social Value Engine is here to simplify that process.

Whether you’re navigating the complexities of social value performance indicators or aiming to evidence your Social Return on Investment (SROI) more effectively, our platform equips you with the means to take control, measure your impact, and ultimately, create a better place for the people in your community.

Our Mission & Ethos

At the Social Value Engine, our mission aligns with the social value principles by Social Value International.

Be Responsive: We are committed to adapting and evolving to meet the diverse needs of our clients and their communities, ensuring our platform remains a relevant and valuable resource for social value assessments.

Verify The Result: Ensuring accuracy and reliability in results is paramount. We emphasise the importance of verifying outcomes to maintain the integrity and credibility of social value assessments conducted using our platform.

Be Transparent: Transparency forms the cornerstone of our mission. We strive to maintain clear and open communication, providing insight into our methodologies, processes, and the standards we adhere to.

Value the Things That Matter: Our focus is on capturing and enhancing the true social value of projects, placing importance on factors that make a meaningful difference in communities.

Only Include What is Material: We prioritise the inclusion of significant and relevant information in social value assessments, ensuring a focused and comprehensive analysis.

Do Not Over Claim: Integrity guides our mission, and we emphasise the importance of presenting honest and accurate assessments, avoiding the overstatement of claims and ensuring a true representation of social value impact.

Understand What Changes: We are dedicated to understanding the changes brought about by projects, ensuring that the social value assessed and reported is reflective of actual impact and contributions to community development.

Involve Stakeholders: Our mission recognises the importance of involving stakeholders in the assessment process, ensuring their insights and perspectives contribute to a more holistic and inclusive evaluation of social value.

In embodying these principles, we aim to contribute meaningfully to community development and wellbeing by facilitating accurate, reliable, and actionable social value insights.

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