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Webinar: Maximising Positive Impact of Investments in Communities

How does East Riding of Yorkshire Council utilise the digital tool they jointly developed and part-own, the Social Value Engine, to maximise the positive impact of their investments in their communities?

We’re delighted to announce a must-attend online event hosted by East Riding of Yorkshire Council: “Maximising Positive Impact of Investments in Communities,” happening on Tuesday, 12 December 2023.

This free online event, led by Andrea Turton and Jennifer Jefferson, aims to showcase how the council leverages the Social Value Engine, a tool they co-developed and co-own, to optimise the impact of their community investments.

Andrea Turton, the Local Growth Programme Manager at the council since 2006, has been pivotal in managing cross-sector partnerships and embedding social value within the council’s services. Her role in developing initiatives around community wealth and cost of living, and managing the social value team, highlights her commitment to integrating social value into public service.

Jennifer Jefferson, Programme Funding Coordinator, specialises in supporting various community groups in navigating the Social Value process. With her background in the private sector and expertise in social impact in the social housing sector, Jennifer plays a crucial role in incorporating social value practices within the council. Her status as a level one accredited practitioner from Social Value UK underlines her dedication to fostering positive community change.

The webinar will focus on how the council approaches the embedding of social value, the methodologies, tools, and techniques they use, and their current practices to measure social impact. This event offers a valuable learning opportunity for understanding how strategic public investments can effectively contribute to the social good

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Join us for this enlightening session to explore the transformative power of social value in community investments. Register for free here and mark the 12th of December 2023 in your calendar.

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