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Meet the team: Introducing Conor McGale, Evaluation & Impact Manager – Social Value

In today's 'meet the team' blog, we introduce you to Conor McGale, Evaluation & Impact Manager Social Value.

Welcome, Conor. Could you introduce yourself?

Hi, I’m Conor McGale, the Impact & Evaluation Manager for Rose Regeneration and the Social Value Engine.

 Could you share a bit about your personal and professional background?

Certainly. I’ve spent nearly three decades in the voluntary and community sector, taking on a variety of roles.

These range from managing services and delivering projects for specific client groups to handling a broad spectrum of funded projects, from capital ventures to smaller training and development initiatives.

Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience in delivering projects at both the local and cross-border levels. More recently, my focus has been on impact and evaluation work for Rose Regeneration and the Social Value Engine, particularly around social value.

How did you first come across the Social Value Engine and Rose Regeneration?

My introduction to the Social Value Engine came through my role in supporting organisations in Northern Ireland, especially those from rural areas. After completing the Social Value UK SROI accredited practitioner training, which was incredibly insightful, I saw the need for a tool that could help small and medium-sized voluntary sector groups measure their social value without the process being too burdensome. That’s when I encountered the Social Value Engine, and after meeting Ivan through related work, I learned about this software tool designed to simplify the social value measurement process.

Despite my initial scepticism, once I began applying the Engine with various organisations in Northern Ireland, I quickly saw its value in measuring social impact effectively.

Can you detail your current role with the Social Value Engine?

Over the last few years, I’ve assisted organisations utilising the Social Value Engine. This involves either training and supporting groups that have purchased a license for the engine or conducting third-party evaluations for organisations seeking to verify their work through the engine. My role entails reviewing data, evaluating activities, recommending data capture strategies, and integrating this information into the Social Value Engine on behalf of these organisations. This helps them demonstrate their social value and impact.

We thank Conor for generously sharing his time and insights regarding his role and experiences at the Social Value Engine. His contributions have been invaluable, and we eagerly anticipate featuring more of his perspectives on social value in our upcoming articles. Keep an eye on our blog for these exciting features!


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